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Steve Whiteside

Business Utilities Consultant

I am an ex-teacher, who saw 28 years of chalk face service, turned small business owner. I was born and schooled in Lowestoft, and have spent all of my adult life in the East of England. From a young age I wanted to play sport and then developed a keen interest to take this into becoming a PE teacher. I represented the county of Suffolk at football and played basketball, rugby and volleyball to good local club level. Over recent years all of my sporting efforts have gone into golf participation, culminating in the captaincy of Rookery Park GC in 2014.

I taught a range of subjects in local schools from 1986 to 2014, reaching the dizzy heights of Deputy Headship of the Harris Middle school in 2009-11. After the academy system took hold in 2014 I decided to seek other challenges and set up my own utility brokerage, with the help of a friend, in Feb 2014.

I am now working with the Rainmakers Hub, a small business development, support and resources organisation which helps start up business, small business and people leaving long term service access all the information that’s vital in the early days of growing a business. It is a low cost, maximum impact web-based company, with the ability for members to access 24/7 information and support, as well as, 1-2-1 mentoring.

About UK Power Direct

UK Power Direct, is a Lowestoft based, independent energy brokerage that deals with 21 suppliers of electricity, gas and water. Their service is more than just a cost cutting service: they will audit your current situation (looking at who you are with, whether your current rates are competitive, when you can start looking for a new deal), collate, fill in and process documentation for new contracts and remind you when contracts are coming to an end. They aim to take the pain away from that part of a business that is often essential but never the most important item in your day.

Although they look after a wide range of business premises from offices to industrial engineering units, their core business is where heating and catering are key elements – such as care homes, hotels, sports clubs, restaurants and food outlets. If you or your connections like to care for people, feed people or look after their wellbeing, UK Power Ltd would like to help.

If you are fed up and hassled with cold calls about your ‘urgent’ renewal and want to take your time and talk to a real person about your next contract, then give Steve Whiteside a call.

What will it cost you? – 10 minutes of your time and a nice coffee, no milk – no sugar.

UK Power Direct – Giving you back the power when dealing with your utility bill needs.

What’s your favourite thing about Breakaway?

Breakaway is networking at it’s friendliest and laid back. All of the members are established businesses, who are assured in what they do and approachable in offering help and support to others around the table.

Why did you choose Breakaway?

Breakaway for me was a real insight into the business world of Lowestoft. The members represent a wide range of industries and experiences, that have access to what is happening in the business life of our town. As a single person company, I see the other members as an extension of my support network, always there with advice and encouragement. The Christmas events are worth the subscription alone.

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T: 07720 543268

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Charity & Good Causes


UK Power Direct Ltd organises a charity golf day every May in support of Sportability. The event in in it’s thirtieth year and takes place at Rookery Park Golf Club, Lowestoft.

The Charity has one aim – to provide sport and challenging pursuits for people with paralysis – typically people who have had a spinal cord injury, stroke or have M.S. It is not about creating elite sportsmen and women. It is about the adrenaline rush, putting the buzz back into a life corralled by the wheelchair, walking sticks or crutches.

The Sportability Experience helps to re-build confidence, restore self-esteem and re-assess their capabilities, which carries through to everyday living. It is not just access to activities, but the social mix, the acceptance and sense of achievement that are empowering.

For the immediate future the Charity has two main objectives: To provide a greater range of sports (indoor and out) in the existing regions; and to offer programmes in more regions. We want people with paralysis to have access to sport throughout the UK. The ultimate aim is to bring the Sportability Experience within an hour’s drive of the main population areas of the UK, so we are also looking to develop in South Wales, the North East, and Northern Ireland.

In 2018 the Charity organised some 68 events in 14 regions.

Our Goal: To provide a range of accessible sports in more areas of the UK for people with paralysis.

Our Credo: To take the ‘dis’ out of disability; focus on ability; inspiring the thought, “If I can do this, what else can I achieve?”

Next years event is held on Friday 29th May 2020.